Beer Catalogue Disclaimers/Explanations

The breweries should be in alphabetical order, the beers may not. 

In a few cased I have indicated style but not in many. 

In most cases a listing indicates I had at least one 12 oz/350 ml glass or bottle but beer samples or a taste from someone else’s glass are included if they are memorable.

I drove myself crazy enough without bothering with perfection, and I’m sure I left some out (hopefully I’ll think of them later), but it’s a fairly comprehensive list.  There are a few notable exceptions where I can recall some detail but not enough for an entry:

I recently (summer/fall ’09) had an Austrian Steinbock brewed with hot stones, but I can’t remember the brewer or whether it was imported or American craft. 

I know I’ve had others in the Michelob craft line when my mother in law purchased a variety pack one Thanksgiving but I’m not sure which ones. 

I recall having beers in Spain when the bartender would ask me, “With gas?” and if I said yes he would shoot extra carbonation in, providing a fizzy, sweet effect but I’m not sure what brands they were. 

When it comes to Guinness, I seem to recall in England there being two cans for Guinness draught, both black but one with red highlights and the other blue.  I’m not sure if the blue represents the extra cold version that is sold in some pubs and if so how they incorporate that into a can. 

At Piece Pizza and Brewery in Chi-town, I had several beers, I noted a couple that I am fairly certain of, but there was also one called, “The awesomest beer ever” or something like that.  I remember bc/ a friend there asked me what my next beer would be, and I named that one, to which he replied, “Sounds pretty f’n great.  I’m in.”

The (?) indicates I am not 100% sure I’ve had it but seem to recall that I have. I tried to avoid counting these in my total number.

The U.S. craft list has brewery location by the city of the main brewing location, alphabetized by state.  It’s possible that the beer I drank was brewed at another location, e.g. Yuengling kegs come from their facility in Florida, but this is not noted.  The international list is country only, still grouped by brewery as far as I know, but this can be difficult to ascertain in terms of ownership.  For example, in Britain, Greene King has purchased Morland and Morrells, but some of the Morrells brands are still brewed independently, e.g. Oxford Blue.  The pub system in England further complicates matters as most pubs are owned by labels such as Youngs.