Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brewery Tour Series: Yards

Yards is located on Delaware Ave. along the waterfront in Philly.  They moved there after a falling out with the owner of what is now the Philadelphia Brewing Co.  PBC got the brewery and equipment, Tom Kehoe kept the Yards brand and brews.  We stopped in to check out their current operation a couple of months back.

The tour itself was very well done, our tour guide did a great job explaining the brewing process and gave abundant samples.  I even scored a free beer for answering the question "What are the four main ingredients in beer?"  The operation seems very eco friendly, they recycle everything they can, giving spent grains to local farmers to feed livestock and using them to make the bread for the tasting room's grilled cheese sandwiches.  

The tasting room  portion of the visit was a little disappointing.  The room itself came across as a bit grimy.  I understand the value of recycling, and the bowling alley bartop was cool, but there was junk piled everywhere and it all just seemed a bit dirty.  The bartenders were a bit strange, for lack of a better word.  The grilled cheese was good and a good value, at 3 bucks, but the beers were overpriced considering we were sitting next to the room that makes them.  I think they were charging 5 bucks a pint.  The sampler was a little better in terms of value.  They did have a couple of bourbon barrel aged one offs that I enjoyed trying.   And of course they have takeout growlers and glassware for sale. 

A good time and worth the visit, but it could be better done.  I like Yards beer, I read somewhere that their beers are at the intersection of cheap/not shitty.  I think they are a little better than "not shitty."  I like their Philly Pale Ale and Saison, and the Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce is fun.  I think their standout beer is the ESA; it's the one that made the brand.

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