Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beer List Update

I just added around 20 beers to the list.  I'm averaging about 10 new beers per month, which isn't bad.  I've read articles about guys who have had 10,000 different beers.  I doubt I'll ever reach that pinnacle, but I am approaching 500, which is a number to be proud of in its own right.  Some of the notables from the most recent beers and breweries I've sampled:

Furthermore Beer (WI)-Fatty Boombalatty, Knot Stock
The Knot Stock is a beer made with black pepper.  I don't know that I'd get it again but pretty interesting stuff.  Fatty Bombalatty is one I've seen on tap before but never ordered it.  It's a Belgian White with ramped up flavor and alcohol content.  Fantastic.  I can't name a beer I've had only once as a favorite, but I would definitely seek this out.

Lakefront Brewery (WI)-Wheat Monkey, White Ale
A buddy and I, along with my wife, recently did a mix six pack at the newly opened Bottle Shop on East Passyunk a few minutes walk from my house.  Instead of each picking two beers, we decided to do a tasting of all six.  These two from Lakefront were chosen bc/ we like wheat beers and they had cool packaging, but we all thought they both sucked.  Low on flavor.  Blah.

Michelob's Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale
While on the subject of crappy beer...I was hesitant to try a beer by a major producer, but I love bourbon cask aged beer and this one was aged with vanilla beans, which I also love.  The beer sucked.

Breckenridge (CO)
I really enjoyed their Agave Wheat with mexican food over the summer, and quite enjoyed their Vanilla Porter this fall.  A better use of vanilla than Michelob's.

Miscellaneous Pumpkins
This fall I had a few pumpkins, some I've had before some not.  I really liked both Weyerbacher and Riverhorse's Imperial Pumpkins.  Dogfish makes a solild pumpkin but I don't think it's as good as these two.  I also had Roy Pitz Pumpkin on tap, it was fine I don't remember it too well, but I was happy to support a PA brewery I hadn't had before.  I also had Southern Tier's Pumpkin entry on tap.  It was fine but I think the Weyerbacher and Riverhorse were my two favorites of the bunch.

Philadelphia Brewing Co.
Harvest from the Hood-This is a fresh hopped beer made by PBC using hops that they've grown as well as some from a local farm.  I'm not a hophead but I thought this was quite good, and definitely had a very fresh taste.  It looks according to the website that they have a few more seasonals coming out over the winter.

Arcadia (MI)
Whitsun Ale is a British wheat ale made with honey.  It is delightful, a bit sour, a bit sweet, a lot refreshing.

Tommyknocker (CO)
Just because I haven't been drinking beer the past couple of weeks (I've been on antibiotics and it tastes bad, I know it's a tragedy), I feel like ending on a down note.  Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown Ale made with maple syrup sounds delicious but isn't.  It really made me want to try some of The Bruery's Autumn Maple but I think it is out of season now.  Oh well, on to Christmas beers.

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  1. I might have to take a look around for Furthermore Beer if its as good as you say. also, i'll try to remember to grab a 6 pick of Gordon Biersch winterboch for the open house. perhaps a little pregame action.