Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mexican in Philly Update

A couple of months back I did a writeup of eating Mexican in Philly.  I have a new favorite, Los Gallos at 10th and Wolf (a funny location as there is a medicore Philly mob movie with the same name).  Anyhow, it's basically a Mexican grocery, but they have tables and takeout service.  Chef Jiminez is a first time business owner, and told us the previous owner of the shopfront told him the Board of Health never comes down to South Philly and not to worry about proper permits.  Luckily he's didnt't listen and figured out all the bureaucratic kinks, because this place was awesome.  The chef asked us to sign a petition to add more tables and make it more of a restaurant, which would be great.  The tacos with crispy pork and pineapple are awesome, I think they are called El Pastor.  The other stuff is great too.  He has plans to start making his own tortillas soon.  I read in one review (Philadelphia Weekly)  that a lot of Mexican line chefs from great restaurants like South Philadelphia Taproom and Amis are telling their bosses how great this place is.  Amis's Brad Spence ordered 80 tacos for a private party he threw.  Cheap, authentic Mexican with no frills or hipsters in sight.  Great stuff.

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