Monday, March 28, 2011

Green Eggs Cafe

This breakfast-lunch joint has been open in our neighborhood for a while but we just got around to going (they have two locations, Northern Liberties and South Philly).  Now we've been there the past 3 weeks, partly because brunch is so confusing I never know if I want eggs or a burger, so better just go every week and eat the whole menu.  On my first visit I had "The Kitchen Sink," which had peppers, eggs, and potatoes, cooked in a cask iron skillet, all topped with, drumroll please, biscuits and gravy.  I had read Craig Laban's review, he thought that the eggs were overcooked and the potato cubes too big.  Perhaps, but the biscuit gravy was incredible, and with such a fantastic overall effect I can forgive minor imperfections on a component or two.  The next week I had the creme brulee french toast, one of several stuffed french toasts on the menu (the peanut butter is next on my list).  The giant slices of bread had this fantastic vanilla sauce oozing on top of it, and it was all topped with fresh creme and berries.  I would have like the bread to be slightly more egg-soaked, but that's a minor complaint.  This weekend I had the burger.  A great burger with vermont chedder, slab bacon and onions, and a side of perfect fries, just the right amount of grease.  Here's the thing, my wife and I have ordered the burger on two different occasions, both time we asked for medium rare and both times it was close to well done, even though when I ordered it I said, "I really want pink, last time it was ovedone!"  I think the problem is that Sunday brunch is so hectic that the orders aren't coming out perfect.  I would almost rather they just not have a burger and focus on the things that they do so well.  But even overcooked it was a juicy burger with great ingredients.  Of the three dishes I've had, the Kitchen Sink is my clear favorite to date.

If you go to Green Eggs on the weekend, be prepared to wait.  We've waited 40 minutes or so each time, and last time they said 45 minutes and it was an hour and a half.  I do think they need to come a little closer on their estimate so people know what they are getting into as they don't take weekend call aheads or reservations, but it's nice to see the business doing so well.  They appear to have recently bought the rowhome next door and knocked out the wall to add a bunch more tables.  One week we saw unpainted drywall, the next a beautifully finished room.  The whole place has a great vibe, with lots of sunlight, nice artwork, and a nice fireplace and big leather couches in the waiting area.  The "green" in the name is because of their eco friendly approach, with no styrofoam takeout containers, no plastic soda bottles, etc.  One other note--they don't have a liquor license, but you can buy a carafe of fresh squeezed OJ for $30.  It comes with a side of Prosecco.  Enjoy.


  1. You left out the MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL! It is a great venue for celeb-spotting. Yesterday we saw Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse from HBOs True Blood) there. Not too shabby for South Philly.

  2. Sorry, I don't know anything about vampires and werepanthers haha.

  3. that place sounds great, celebs and burgers.
    i havent watched that show for a few seasons, but last i did, jason stackhouse was neither a vampire or lycan. i am interested in that kitchen sink though, sounds amazing, but knowing the way i roll i wouldnt be able to pick it over that burger.