Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beer List Update

I have to stop waiting 5 months each time between updates, bc/ it takes me forever to look up the locations of all the beers I've jotted down at bars, fests, and dinners.  I am now up to over 520 beers after adding more than 65 entries.  I added a bunch at the Philly Navy Yard Craft Beer Fest, which was a lot of fun.  For some reason on the page with the list the Indiana breweries won't line up right but I added a bunch over winter break in Indy.  Here are a few interesting ones:

Victory Headwaters Pale Ale-Not the best pale ale I've ever had but another solid offering from Victory.  I kind of wish they'd just stick to the German styles they seem to be a bit more known for, though.

Brewdog Punk IPA, Storm-The Punk IPA was a solid pale ale, and the Storm was that same ale aged in Islay whisky casks.  Interesting, if not sessionable.

Innis and Gunn-Scottish ale aged in whisky and rum casks.  I liked the whisky one better than the rum aged one.  Shocker for me haha.

Stillwater Stateside Saison-I had this solid saison at the now defunct Fork and Barrel.  It was still winter when I went but now saison season is in full swing, I love it.

Also at Fork and Barrel, a German Gose (wheat beer with salt), granitbock (made in stone tanks with hot rocks to get the boil going), Marston's Pedigree (a fantastic english ale).

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