Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Angel's Envy

I tried a new bourbon last night, Angel's Envy.  The name is a play on the term "angel's share," which is the whisky that evaporates during aging.  The idea is that they've made a product out of the remaining whisky that the angel's would covet.  It's from a company run by former master distiller at Woodford Reserve, Lincoln Henderson.  It's a new project and they just recently started distilling, so obviously they are sourcing their barrels from another distillery for now.  But they take the sourced whisky and then finish it in port barrels.  So I guess it's not technically bourbon, but "bourbon finished in port barrels."  Let me tell you, this stuff was fantastic.  Very mellow.  It was like bourbon concentrate, lots of vanilla.  I don't know that I tasted port wine specifically but I think that the port adds another dimension to the whisky.  It almost has the mouthfeel of a wine in the way it coats your mouth.  It has a lot of fire going down, too.  My only small complaint about it is the port barrels seem to hide some of the ryebread spice that you can get in most premium bourbons.  It's a tradeoff, I guess, but I've read a couple of reviews that hope that they come out with a barrel proof edition to maximize the flavor potential. 

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  1. i was trying to comment on this yesterday but i was having trouble loggin in. this stuff sounds real good and i may have to pick up a bottle this weekend. fiery yet smooth, thats a winning combo.