Friday, July 29, 2011

Col. E.H. Taylor Bourbon

As a nightcap to a wonderful birthday planned by my wife, she took me to a BBQ joint on South St. bc/ she knew they had Col. E. H. Taylor Bourbon.  I knew I married her for a reason.  Col. Taylor is a 9 year special release bourbon from, you guessed it, Buffalo Trace distillery.  They basically gathered up a bunch of old heads and retirees who helped them recount an old method of sour mashing that is no longer in use, and then recreated it to honor Col. E. H. Taylor, whisky pioneer and one time owner of what is now called Buffalo Trace distillery.  Apparently it's one of their standard rye recipes and the same yeast they use, but environmental factors are manipulated to create a slightly sour effect, and a less sweet in your face bourbon that may appeal to scotch drinkers (I am paraphrasing Chuck Cowdery for some of this info, his post about the bourbon can be found here).  The packaging is very cool, as they've taken cues from retro Taylor bourbon bottles and put them in canisters like the ones we see often with scotch.  I've never seen it on the shelf, and while it retailed for around 60 bucks you can only get it on ebay for more than twice that.  So 18 bucks for a shot is not all that bad.  And we enjoyed the hell out of it.  It kind of reminded me of Pappy a bit, though it's not wheated.  It was very mellow.  The finish is where the unique version of sour mashing might be noticeable.  I couldn't quite place the taste, a bit of tartness and dryness.  It was very nice stuff.  Thanks honey.

I got other info for this post here- Bourbon Blog

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