Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beer List

A few months back I decided to commit to what was sure to be an intense, time consuming, sweat producing endeavor.  I set out to compile a list of all of the beers I've ever had.  I had some written down, e.g. from my travels abroad, and many pieces of paper with a few beers scribbled down here and there, but mostly I was relying on my memory, which wound up serving me pretty well.  For those interested in checking out my list I made it a separate page.  I also made a disclaimer page for the real beer geek in you.  Later I will publish a "favorites" list; I am still hacking away at what should make it.   


  1. Regarding your disclaimers--is there any chance one of the beers you had in Spain was a Cruzcampo? That's a fairly common beer in Southern Spain.

  2. I don't think it was. I believe the first I heard of Cruzcampo was in Southern Spain, after I had already had the "beer with gas" in the Basque country.

  3. I had to write down notes while reading through the beer list because I had a few comments and didnt want to leave any out.

    1st, maybe in a different context it is spelled collaberations, but I think it should be collaborations. also pilsner urquell in the Czech section is spelled wrong (I really like that beer so I paid special attention.

    2nd glad to see Mickeys malt liquor on that list, Mickeys... get stung!

    3rd you should definitely come down so we can hit up the Gordon Biersch and you can add their sommer brau (summer brew for non german speakers or people with little common sense) also in a few months the octoberfest should be back which is one of my favorites.

    4th I dont see very many beers from Duclaw on your list. There are a couple Duclaw's in my area as well and I really like their beer. Perhaps the next time you are around we should do some "research" for your blog.

  4. Thanks for the corrections. It's funny you mentioned you love the Pilsner Urquell. Jim had a labmate at UVA who said, "Sometimes I wake up in the morning craving a Pilsner (Urquell)." We immediately bought it. At the time we thought it was so bitter but we weren't the experienced beer drinkers you see before you today. Every beer on the list has a story, I guess. Yeah, Mickey's made it and a few ciders. I can't wait to come down again and do some "fieldwork" as I prefer to call it haha just kidding.