Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brewery Tour Series

In a few days we'll be touring several bourbon distilleries in northern Kentucky.  This got me thinking how I've been lucky enough to tour a number of breweries, and that I should do retroactive reviews.  First up:

Victory Brewing Co., Downingtown, PA May 2010

Okay I didn't do the tour on this one just the brewpub, which is connected to the brewery buildings.  From the outside the place looks very industrial; it's in a giant parking lot with office buildings from other companies.  The crowd inside is a very mainline (read: white) crowd but the room is pretty neat, with giants banners of their different beers draped from the ceiling.  Being a brewery that focuses on German styles, their menu offers a similar bent.  The food is very good, they make a mean pretzel and some decent sandwiches.  I wouldn't write home about any of it but it was good pub fare.  They offer a dozen or more of their beers on tap, many of which Victory fans would recognize and a few seasonals.  I had a smoked, or rauchbier which I liked called Scarlet Fire and I thought their Mad King Hefeweizen was better than the Sunrise Weisse that you can find in bottles.  They also had a few specialty beers from the Craft Brewers Conference that showcase specific hop varietals, e.g. hersbrucker.  I think Victory is one of the best of the locals, even though sometimes I think their quality comes out of quantity (meaning they make so many beers a few are bound to be great).  If you're ever in that area for some odd reason--we were on the way home from Lancaster--stop in for a pint or a beer sampler.

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