Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mad Elf 2011

Somehow this post never made it onto the blog.  Better late than never, unfortunately you probably won't find any more Mad Elf on the shelves...

Mad Elf from the Troegs brothers is my favorite Christmas beer.  It may be my favorite seasonal beer, in that it is the single beer I look forward to the most in any calendar year.  I know some folks think it is overrated, but not me.  It is, for me, literally a glass of Christmas cheer.  It pours a rich red color, almost opaque, with aromas of cherries and sweet honeysuckle.  As the beer warms in the glass, it increases in it's ability to warm your heart.  It is sweet, for sure, due to the low hop content, chocolate malts, and cherries, but it is by no means one note or simple.  There is a tartness from the cherries, and the honey and high alcohol make for an unbelieveable richness.  It comes in several packages; I typically split a case with a buddy, and this year am going to age a few bottles (as long as I can resist not drinking them) to do a comparison after 1, 2, maybe even 3 years of aging.  Another format you can get it in is giftset with a large bottle and a Mad Elf chalice glass.  Yet another option is a giant bottle which would be great for a Christmas party.  Or just pick up a six pack.  Get it while you can!

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