Friday, January 20, 2012

Beer List Update

In almost 7 months since my last update, I added close to 100 beers to the list, bringing the total to 640.

A few notable entries:

Mikeller Beer Geek Breakfast-This is a brewery in Denmark with a bit of buzz, this beer was an imperial stout.

Sly Fox/De Proefl-Broederlijle Lief de Saison-Philly Beer Week 2011-This was a nice saison for last year's beer week, made by Belgian's De Proefl brewery in conjunction with our own local brewers over at Sly Fox.

Lagunitas Doppel Weizen-If you like wheat beers, and high ABV beers, this one may be for you.

Bedele-This was an Ethiopian beer I had at an African restaurant in Disneyworld.  It was actually pretty good.

Triton Brewing Assorted-This is a new brewery located a stone's throw from my in-laws in Indianapolis, and within walking distance of friends of ours who bought a house at the old Army fort where the brewery is located.  The beers were decent.

Fantome Hiver-This is one of my favorite beers ever.  Fantome makes fantastic saisons and this one kicks ass.

Williamsburg Alewerks-This was an oversight, as it's been longer than since the last update since I actually had these.  But they make solid English style beers right in colonial Williamsburg.  Right up my alley.

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